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"Dasima, elixir plant of sea"

Wando kelp is made by naturally drying the original seaweeds collected at the time when they have the most medicinal effect,
so the taste and flavor of the product are different from those of other products.
Kelp which is a representative plant helping relief of constipation by increasing the amount of bowl movement is described in 『DONG-EUI-BO-GAM』 as " It relieves labor pains,
goes down swellings and makes hard things soft by controlling the condensed
energy". which demonstrates that it was already known as a good food
at that time.

Skin care
Kelp contains plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which make skin clear and solid and is effective for anti-aging.
Thyroid gland
As it has plenty of iodine playing an important role for secretion of thyroid hormone, it is good for prevention of thyroid diseases.
Prevention of constipation
Unlike other fibers, alginic acid is not absorbed into the body but moves directly to intestines and promotes intestinal movement by stimulating the stomach, so it is good for constipation.
Blood circulation
Alginic acid contained in kelp helps to recover normal value of
cholesterol and blood pressure.
Dasima for sistar
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