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"mi-yeok, a treasure of sea"

Chosal first mi-yeok collected directly from Wando in the Southern Coast of Korea,
the 3rd world-best coast optimal for aquaculture industry.
As the first-harvested sea mustard uses only the original seaweeds produced between
the first high tide and early February in the harvest season from January to April,
it is soft and has excellent taste and texture.
We produce only quality products by washing, drying and hygienic packing of sea mustard collected
from uncontaminated sea area of Wando.

Blood circulation
As sea mustard contains plenty of iodine, it helps blood
circulation much by dissolution of the hardened blood
Calcium and Blood pressure
As it contains plenty of calcium, it is a good food for children and
has uterine contraction and hemostatic effect.
helps to lower has blood pressure.
Prevention of Constipation
Alginic acid stimulates mucous membrane of intestines, a digestive organ, and helps intestinal regulation to enhance digestive movement.
Seaweeds are good materials for diet therapy for a obese person who should take low calorie foods
because it give satiety but low calorie.
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